A Guide to Growing the Best Tomato for Fried Green Tomatoes

Best Tomato for Fried Green Tomatoes: A traditional Southern meal, fried green tomatoes are prized for their crunchy exterior and tart flavor. Selecting the ideal tomato variety is essential for making the ideal fried green tomatoes. Not all tomatoes can be fried since they must retain their flavor and texture under high heat. In this post, we’ll examine the best tomato kinds for fried green tomatoes, going through their traits, how well they fry, and how they taste and feel overall.

Because of their distinctive flavors and delicious texture, fried green tomatoes have gained popularity outside of the southern region. Although there are many different tomato cultivars, not all of them are good for frying. To get a great result while making fried green tomatoes, the tomatoes must have specific qualities. Let’s examine the characteristics of tomato that make it suited for frying and the best tomato varietals for this delectable dish.

Characteristics of a Best Tomato for Fried Green Tomatoes

Several traits are essential in establishing the acceptability of tomatoes when choosing them for frying. These qualities include size and shape, firmness and texture, tartness, and acidity.

Firmness and Texture

The flesh of tomatoes meant for frying should be solid and dense so that it can tolerate the operation without becoming mushy. The tomatoes must retain their shape, grow a crispy exterior, and keep their interiors delicate.

Tartness and Acidity

Tartness and acidity are two essential components that give fried green tomatoes their particular flavor. The tomatoes should have a tart flavor that balances out the richness of the fried coating and creates a satisfying and well-rounded meal.

Size and Shape

Although the tomatoes used for fried green tomatoes can range in size and form, it is crucial to pick tomatoes that are neither too big nor too small. Since they allow for consistent cooking and simpler handling during the frying process, medium-sized tomatoes are frequently preferred.

Best Tomato Varieties for Fried Green Tomatoes

When cooking fried green tomatoes, several tomato types have proven to be excellent options. Let’s examine the best tomato kinds for frying to see how they perform.

Green Zebra

Green Zebra tomatoes have striking green and yellow striped skin and are small to medium in size. They taste acidic, and their texture is just a little bit crispy.

Performance when fried: When fried, green zebra tomatoes preserve their shape and develop a crispy exterior while maintaining a soft interior.

Taste and texture: Green Zebra tomatoes offer a delicious tanginess and crunch combo when fried. The crisp breading and tangy tomato combine harmoniously to provide a pleasing flavor profile.

Aunt Ruby’s German Green

Description: Uncle Ruby is German. Large, beefsteak-shaped green tomatoes come in a variety of colors. Their flavor is tart and sweet.

Performance when fried: Uncle Ruby is German. When cooked, green tomatoes maintain their crispness and hold up well. The inside remains juicy while developing a golden-brown crust.

Taste and texture: The sweet and acidic aromas of fried Aunt Ruby’s German green tomatoes are a lovely contrast. The tomato’s inherent sweetness is enhanced by the crispy coating, making for a delectable taste.

Mortgage Lifter

Description: Large, meaty tomatoes called “Mortgage Lifter” are renowned for their delicious flavor. Their flesh is thick, and their skin is pinkish-red.

Performance when fried: Mortgage Lifter tomatoes produce well-formed slices with a crispy skin when fried because they preserve their structural integrity. The luscious and delicate interior is still present.

Taste and texture: The flavor of fried Mortgage Lifter tomatoes is strong and rich. Each bite is a delicious pleasure thanks to the acidic undertones that go well with the crunchy breading.

Black Krim

Description: Medium to huge in size, Black Krim tomatoes have a rich purplish-brown skin tone. They taste complex and a little smokey.

Performance when fried: When fried, Black Krim tomatoes hold up nicely, yielding slices with a crispy outside and a soft, juicy inside. 

Taste and texture: Black Krim tomatoes have a distinctive flavor when cooked. The tomato’s smokiness adds complexity to the flavor, and the gratifying bite is made possible by the contrast between the soft flesh and crispy coating.

Cherokee Green

Description: Medium-sized, heirloom Cherokee Green tomatoes have a green and golden color. They have a flavor that is well-balanced and has citrus undertones.

Performance when fried: Slices of fried Cherokee Green tomatoes have a crispy exterior and a juicy, flavorful inside because the tomatoes retain their shape while cooking.

Taste and texture: Fried Cherokee Green tomatoes have a flavorful blend of citrus flavors and acidity. The tomato’s inherent flavors are enhanced by the crunchy breading, creating a delectable delight.

Other Considerations for Fried Green Tomatoes

The success of fried green tomatoes is influenced by a number of additional elements in addition to picking the proper tomato variety. Here are some extra factors to remember:

The ripeness of the tomatoes: Choose tomatoes that are fully ripe but are still green and firm for best results. Tomatoes that are too ripe may not fry well and may become mushy.

Options for breading and seasoning: Try several breading and spice combinations to give your fried green tomatoes more taste and texture. The breading can be made of cornmeal, breadcrumbs, or a combination of the two. Spices like paprika, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper can improve the flavor of the dish as a whole.

Cooking techniques: Although pan-frying is a common technique, you may also deep-fry or oven-fry your green tomatoes. Choose a method based on your tastes and equipment availability because each one produces outcomes that are slightly different.

How to Make the Best Fried Green Tomatoes

To ensure your fried green tomatoes turn out perfectly, follow these tips:

Slicing the tomatoes: Slice the tomatoes into an even thickness, around 1/4 to 1/2 inch, for consistent cooking.

Preparing the breading: Coat the tomato slices evenly in the breading mixture, pressing lightly to adhere them to the surface.

Frying temperature and time: Heat the frying oil to around 375°F (190°C) for a crispy exterior. Fry the tomato slices for approximately 2-3 minutes per side, or until golden brown.

Serving and Pairing Suggestions

There are several ways to enjoy fried green tomatoes. To improve your dining experience, consider these serving and pairing ideas:

  • Serve fried green tomatoes as an appetizer with remoulade or ranch dressing as a dipping sauce.
  • Incorporate fried green tomatoes into a sandwich or burger for added texture and flavor.
  • Pair fried green tomatoes with other Southern favorites like grits, collard greens, or fried chicken for a complete comfort food feast.
  • Get creative and use fried green tomatoes as a topping for salads or as a garnish for soups.


The secret to making the ideal fried green tomatoes is picking the appropriate tomato type. Each tomato type adds a distinct flavor to this traditional Southern dish, whether you favor the sour bite of Green Zebra, the sweet and juicy Aunt Ruby’s German Green, or the rich richness of Mortgage Lifter. To find your preferred tomato and cooking combo, experiment with different varieties. Prepare to enjoy the acidic tastes, crispy breading, and incomparable taste of handmade fried green tomatoes.


Can I use any tomato variety for fried green tomatoes?

Not every type of tomato is appropriate for frying. For the best fried green tomatoes, it is advised to use firm, green tomatoes with the right amount of acidity and tartness.

How do I know if a tomato is green enough for frying?

Firm and brightly colored green tomatoes should be used for frying. Avoid tomatoes that have begun to soften or turn red.

What is the best oil to use for frying green tomatoes?

Oils with high smoke points, such as vegetable oil, canola oil, or peanut oil, are advised for frying green tomatoes.

Can I bake green tomatoes instead of frying them?

Although baking green tomatoes is an option, it might produce a distinct texture and flavor from the conventionally fried form. The characteristically crispy exterior and distinctive flavors of fried green tomatoes are often produced through frying.

Are fried green tomatoes a healthy choice?

Fried green tomatoes aren’t thought of as a healthy dish, but rather as a delight. They are frequently consumed in moderation as a component of a healthy diet.

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